Your Plan for Success

Your Plan for Success​

Let Move The Crowd help you set up your best year yet with 1:1 coaching and digital product

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This step-by-step in-depth reflection and goal setting process will enable and empower you to take stock of where your business is at, what opportunities you should be pursuing to reach your goals, and how you can best lay your foundation for success in 2017.

In your 1:1 session with a coach,  you’ll be empowered to ask (and answer) hard questions that are necessary in growing your income, your business, your personal brand - you name it - this product is applicable to all areas.

You‘ll walk away with an authentic assessment of where you are on the path to fulfilling your own True+Paid+Good business plan along with your Top 3 Priorities for how to finish strong and turn up the heat in the coming year.

Working in collaboration with one of Move The Crowd’s insightful expert coaches, you'll get:

  • 1 hour of personalized 1:1 expertise inside of your social or business venture.

  • A 5-video digital product that supports you in setting clear goals (available for viewing mid January)

  • Tools and guidance to harness critical lessons from your year thus far and key insights to leverage those lessons into winning strategies for 2017.

  • Greater awareness of your personal/brand strengths, weaknesses, current capacity and sweet spots associated with finding, converting, and keeping your ideal/most valued clients.

  • Clarity of vision, including the articulation of a concrete plan, with action steps to move forward.

  • And so much more...a $1,250 value for less than half the price.

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Our team helps you excel and live authentically

Monika Moss-Gransberry and JLove Calderón help bring out the authentic you and help turn your entrepreneur dreams into tangible reality.

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