“Since beginning my work with Move The Crowd, I've experienced a significant rise in my income and an increased confidence in my ability to run a successful and sustainable business.”

Adam Rosendahl
Founder & MC, Late Nite Art

“Working with Move The Crowd has allowed me to step into my power, share my voice with the world and nearly triple my income."

Annie Escobar
Founder & CEO, AWAKE Storytelling

"Coaching with Move The Crowd has given me the space to do deep, intentional, personal work that moves my artistic and professional work forward." 

Ella Turenne

Principal, Turenne Group

Live. Love. Lead. Exclusive Coaching Experience

One simple question. Is your mission accomplished?

Can you honestly say that you’ve unleashed the full potential of your creativity? That your work has transformed lives and made a lasting positive impact on society? That you’ve created all the wealth and abundance you could hope for? That you’re consistently inspired and working at your growing edge?

If you’re (a multi-six or 7+ figure) successful brand, global change agent, or next generation mogul looking to break through your present plateau and blow the lid off what you thought was possible for your venture and your life, then this intimate, advanced coaching series is for you.

Rha brings over 25 years of experience working at the intersection of personal transformation, organizational growth and cultural innovation. She’s respected around the world as an expert coach, mentor and guide.  From multiple NY Times Bestselling Authors to multi-million dollar Social Enterprises, her dedication goes beyond the traditional coach-client transaction. Regardless of how many sessions you engage, you’ll be held in a lifelong partnership that empowers full-on revolution and ongoing expansion. Her unique, customized approach integrates deep personal growth with robust leadership development and high-level strategic counsel. The results? Game-changing breakthroughs in vision-mission-purpose alignment, conscious triple bottom line business strategy and high performance on-the-court execution. Rha has helped clients find their authentic brand of leadership, develop profitable, high impact  business models, create far reaching programs, trainings and events, but most importantly, impact the lives of millions of people while making their highest contribution. 

Imge of Monika Moss-Gransberry

Monika Moss-Gransberry

Senior coach and trainer

For over 25 years, Monika has dedicated her talents to helping organizations and individuals make their vision real.

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Imge of JLove Calderon

JLove Calderon

Senior coach and trainer

JLove is an activist, author, and conscious media maker who has spent over two decades working on issues of social justice, race, and gender.

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