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BadA$$ Digital Product and 2 hours with JLove Calderón

MTC's Digital Product for TV Content Creators

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Are you a BadA$$ Content Creator looking for guidance on creating the perfect pitch, securing an offer, financing your project, or building on your concept? Are you looking to build or launch a TV/digital show? Look no further - Move The Crowd’s Sr. Coach JLove Calderón is here to help!

JLove has paired with Rha Goddess and Move The Crowd to create a 5-video product that helps people at all levels (but especially those new to the industry) build a successful product. This product is based on her 10+ years in the entertainment industry as well as her experiences navigating the scene with little-to-no help. She created this project to give the MTC community the shortcuts she had to learn the hard way.

"A retreat with JLove is something that will last you a lifetime..."
Ella Turenne
Turenne Group

The 5-part video series focuses on how to ensure that your TV (or film if you’re platform-agnostic) content can be sustainable for you financially, as well as making an impact in the world. It is valuable to all levels, but I designed it especially for people who were at the beginning phase of their career.

The digital product includes:

  • Five working sessions. Topics include: navigating concept phase, creating the perfect package, pitching, getting an offer, and financing.

  • Each session has a video tutorial chock full of knowledge and info on how to create, produce, package, and sell your content.

  • Interviews with masters in the industry to support your game.

  • Homework assignments for each session.

  • Access to a number of value-packed bonuses from my own personal content vault.

For an additional $200, you’ll also have the option of purchasing two one-hour live sessions with me March 21st and March 28th (both Tuesdays) from 6:30-7:30pm EST where I’ll guide a small team through some additional challenges and opportunities. In this live session, you can ask me anything in a live format and we will take a deeper dive into:

1. How to get your package tight on an indie budget.

2. What’s hot, what’s not.

3. How to get distributed and greenlit

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