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Our Philosophy

Stay True, Get Paid and Do Good

At Move The Crowd, we’re constantly challenging ourselves to dream out of the box and work toward our own flavor of success.For us, success is all about alignment – being, living and working in absolute harmony with your life’s purpose. At Move The Crowd, we call it “bringing your whole self to the party.” It means defining your goals in the greater context of who you are as a complex human being – your deeply held values, your unique talents, gifts, abilities and the profound difference you want to make in the world. When you define success through that lens, the returns are richer.

We believe that your power lies in your uniqueness. That radical authenticity is the only road to success. That training yourself is just as important as trusting yourself. And that we all have the power to stay true, get paid and do good.


Sounds great, right? But how do you get to there? Move The Crowd has a unique methodology for getting beyond our own token responses and at the heart of our highest desire and aspirations. It takes honesty, strength and courage to admit to ourselves what we really want — and then to go for it. Ultimately, we won’t feel successful until we do.

Our team helps you excel and live authentically

Monika Moss-Gransberry and JLove Calderón help bring out the authentic you and help turn your entrepreneur dreams into tangible reality.

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